🌱After a period of taking care of pepper farms, regardless of the sun and rain, to produce delicious peppers, the farmers have spent a lot of effort and enthusiasm in the fields. In order to avoid wasting the efforts of farmers and keep the full flavor of export pepper, one of the important stages that need to be taken care of is the preservation stage.
🌱For Sybil Agri’s products, after being harvested and processed at the factory, they will be packed in new, clean packaging and stored in a well-ventilated location with optimum conditions to retain the typical flavor of peppercorns. After being processed at the factory, we will pack peppercorns with 2 layers to better preserve products: the inner layer is PE (Poly Ethylene) bag and the outer layer is PP (Poly Propylene) bag. For PP bags, it is harder than PE bags while PE bags have more elasticity and flexibility, so PE bags are used to wrap the inner layer and PP is used to wrap the product's exterior layer.
🌱The common characteristics of these two product lines are colorless, odorless, tasteless and smooth on the surface of the bag. In addition, the manufacturing method of these bags does not include any hazardous elements, making it highly safe in the packing process. In particular, the packaging can be used for a long time without being corroded, termites, moldy.
Every step in the production of export pepper is performed carefully, so all products of Sybil Agri are always of high quality and highly appreciated by consumers, if you want to import Vietnamese pepper products, please contact us immediately to receive the helpful advice.
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